About Us

At Bonté, we are a global, interdisciplinary team looking to become your one stop solution to shorten your time to pregnancy, no matter what your journey has been like already. Connect with our leading experts so you have the information and tools you need to understand your options, ask the right questions and ultimately, choose what you feel is best for you.

As more and more couples around the world struggle to conceive, assisted reproductive treatments have become a popular, expensive affair. These treaments can be physically invasive, emotionally gruelling and can really disrupt your lives, so we do not take them lightly. Our concierge of doctors and scientists are leading experts in the field and are looking to provide you with medical advice that is backed by scientific evidence only.

A Letter from the Founder

Sex education for teens has long emphasized contraception over conception. Most of us grow up thinking one slip up can result in an unwanted pregnancy so we spend years being overly careful; only to realise it is not necessarily that easy.

As a clinical embryologist, having worked in several different countries and cultures, including Japan, India, and Kuwait, I realised I was seeing the same things over and over again. I have watched couples attempting to navigate the myriad of fertility options that clinics offer, often leaving them confused, stressed and overwhelmed. I have noticed that regardless of how progressive society is, most people still shy away from discussing their f ertility issues, and therefore heavily rely on misinformation. And my heart went out to every couple I watched, who were willing to do just about anything to have the family of their dreams, without having a clear understanding of what was going on clinically.

I started Bonte to address these issues. There is undoubtedly a higher demand than ever before for quality information, transparency and perhaps most importantly - comprehensive support. At Bonte there’s no stigma, no shame, no secrets; just a nurturing and professional environment w here you get the help you really need. Whether you’re progressing through a second round of IVF, thinking about freezing your eggs, or battling cancer, our aim is to educate you about the risks involved and discuss openly and honestly which options would be most suited to your needs and why.

Ultimately, we aspire to be your first call, from the minute you consider having a family. We want to be there every step of the way to handle everything you need from start to end or to guide you while you are better served by colleagues in the field. We see a world where you are in control of your health, and we’re right behind you to ensure you’re getting the care you deserve. It may be a little ambitious, but I am determined to make that happen for you.

Warm Regards,