At Bonté, we aspire to be your first call. We hope to tend to you from the first minute you decide that you’re ready for a family until all your goals are complete. We see a world where you receive the best care - where you feel seen, empowered and understood. We work to ensure that Bonté clients receive the comprehensive care they deserve. So no more referrals, no expensive upsells and no long waiting times.


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Bonté Clients

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I had a comprehensive review of my records, a fantastic discussion regarding my concerns and hesitations, and feel as if I have a much clearer picture of my plans regarding my fertility journey. Ms Choudhury was excellent and very patient with me and my questions. She was kind, informative, and approached the topic with sensitivity. I highly recommend the scheduling a consulting meeting with

Stephanie, USA

I was so feeling so distressed about my embryo quality I needed to talk to someone who could be available that same day. The Bonté team was so warm, I felt at peace instantly. We talked about what went wrong and what we can do differently, and couldn’t recommend the team more. Thank you for all that you do.

Rebecca, Norway

My first session at Bonté fertility was just wonderful. Speaking to Anamika was an absolutely warm and comfortable experience as my first step in the journey of fertility planning. I felt well informed and empowered at the end of the session with information that was clear and thorough, and advice that was sound and unbiased - especially since I have to move countries as I get married. I have been able to chart my next steps clearly based on this session. More Power to the team for their absolutely impressive initiative and great work!

Chi, India

The team at Bonté Fertility helped me understand what my options were, without any economic biases. Their recommendations were backed by cutting edge experience and hard science. The fertility journey can be a lonely one, and it’s great to have brilliant doctors who are women themselves by your side, guiding you. I would recommend the team unreservedly.

Ritu, Australia